plants look
after us if we
look after them

iQ protects plants
from heat and frost
in every season

The innovative insulation protects your
plants in every season and ensures that
your plants stay in good condition.

For everyone who
loves to be surrounded
by nature.

in Holland.

iQ pottery is produced in Holland. We like to bring nature to the place you come home to, no matter where that is. Nature starts with plants, and a plant begins with a pot. And that pot? We take that pot very seriously.

All our iQ pots are made out of EPP better known as expanded polypropyleen. EPP is lightweight, strong, and offers great insulation. Besides that EPP is also resistant among high and low temperatures and 100% recyclable. That doesn’t only make you happy, nature will love you for it as well.


5 year

For indoor &
outdoor use


Experience what
powerful really means.
For you, your plants
and our planet.